Morris County Tourism Bureau

Marketing and advertising campaigns developed for the Morris County Tourism Bureau to promote historic sites located in the county.

Alexander Hamilton Promotion Campaign
The latest campaign promotes the historical significance Alexander Hamilton played in Morristown during the American Revolution and his romantic relationship to Elizabeth Schuyler. Both ads feature call-to-actions via Short Message Service (SMS) for individuals to download a copy of the Visitor's Guide. Utilization of this service allowed for a building of a Push Notification database which is being utilized for future marketing campaigns.

Visit Morris County and Experience History Today
The premise behind the creative concept for these advertisements was to identify the historic significance of each landmark and tie it to a well-recognized cultural icon to make the messaging more memorable.

In addition to creating the advertisement concepts and executing the designs to final production, the tag line “Visit Morris County and Experience History Today” was created to serve as a marketing brand for the campaign.

The campaign was recognized by the Art Directors Club of New Jersey.

Promotions included:

Washington's Headquarters

This advertisement promoted Ford Mansion, the historic landmark in Morristown.

This was the military headquarters for George Washington during the American Revolution when the Continental Army was stationed in Morristown during the winter of 1779 – 1780.

The famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze tied together with a combination of the famous phrases associated with Washington, “I cannot tell a lie . . . ” and “Washington slept here,” make the messaging of this advertisement memorable and effective.

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

This advertisement promoted The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey located on the campus of Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Playing off the famous dialogue from Romeo and Juliet, the advertisement introduced readers to the high-quality performances available to them at a location near to home.

Utilizing the Elizabethan image of William Shakespeare combined with the ornate drop capital “W” gave the advertisement a classic and unique feel.

MacCulloch Hall

Morristown has been known for many celebrated individuals. Amongst this group of notorieties is the famous Nineteeth Century illustrator and political cartoonist, Thomas Nast.

The landmark focus of this advertisement is Macculloch Hall, home to the largest collections of Thomas Nast original artwork.

One of Nast’s most famous illustrations is that of Santa Claus. Playing off the famous New York Sun letter-to-the-editor from the little girl, Virginia O'Hanlon, the advertisement combines the two elements into a whimsical theme to highlight the Nast collection.

Historic Speedwell

Known as the birthplace modern-day telecommunications, Morristown was home to the first public demonstration of the telegraph. Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail presented the invention at Historic Speedwell.

Playing off the latest form of eletronic communication, text messaging, this advertisement brought to light the first text messaging ever performed, Morse Code.

Craftsman Farm

The country home of the creator of “Mission Furniture,” Gustav Stickley, Craftsman Farm is located in Parsippany, New Jersey. There first guru of “do-it-yourself” design, the museum displays his refurbished home and workshop.

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